work in progress:  HUMAN _ ANIMAL

Is it possible to stop making use of animals by acknowledging their equal value?

Researching my relationship with animals through old photos made me realise that, even though I see myself as animal loving, my behaviour towards them is partly still questionable. We are all consciously and unconsciously using animals on all levels. We grow up considering the human species the crown of creation, in the belief that an animal’s purpose is to somehow be useful for humans. We are human animals ourselves, but have separated our own species from the the rest within the animal kingdom. I invite everyone to use this project as an inspiration for reflecting upon one’s own past, present and future with animals. Supporting openness, sensitivity and consideration for not only people’s, but also animals’ needs is in the core of this project. Philosophical arguments by Precht, Singer, Regan, Cohen, Wolf, and Brody form the theoretical skeleton, which carries personal observation, interpretation and reflection. The outcome is a book with 13 chapters of text, photography and illustration. It is currently in pruduction.

Texts and books for those interested in further information:

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Experiment on making gelatine. Using what my own body provides: