By making use of speculative design methods, this project explores possible social consequences of our current use of photography. Exhibited in Gerðarsafn Kópavogur Art Museum 6th-21st of May 2017. Mentor: Guðmundur Oddur Magnússon. 

The camera as a prosthetic has already grown to be a crucial organ for human beings, but it remains a technical extension for our bodies. Could evolution respond to this new need of documenting life by genetically adapting our bodies to it? What if we'd be born with a documentative organ – with something new and organic that creates a perfect documentation of every step we take? There would be no sanctuary as we currently understand it.

In a possible future, we could be living without sanctuary.

The outcome of this project is a research-based MA-paper that explores us humans with our cameras. The practical designwork consists of three future products, dealing with some of the most personal bodily needs within this possible new society: using the bathroom, cleaning oneself and resting. How will we deal with privacy in a world without sanctuary? Will there be a market for products that embrace the lack of privacy? The products are translating the critical examination and the thought experiments into tangible objects.